Just a Little Bit About Us

Lyndsey and myself (Jesse) and our two daughters are just a regular family trying to do our part. Nothing special. Yeah, Lyndsey is super pretty and our kids are cuter than is really fair to anyone else, but other than that we’re just a super awesome and well-mannered family of punks trying to do our part. We have both been mental health workers in Vancouver, BC for many years and we are slowly transitioning into other fields. I am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Lyndsey is a Secondary School Teacher. 

I think Lyndsey and I have always been seekers of the truth. We have always had a vested interest in living out that truth especially when it benefits the creatures we live amongst and the planet as a whole. “Our part” up until now has chiefly involved living a vegan lifestyle. Along with the obvious ethical reasonings behind adopting a vegan diet, there are also massive issues involving the amounts of wasted resources, pollution produced and destruction done to the environment. We couldn’t possibly eat any less animals than we are now (which is zero..), but what more can we do to reduce our waste and involvement in pollution and environmental depletion? Plastic is a great place to start.

Face it, folks. We produce way too much damn garbage. Who do we think we are anyway? A bunch of jerks thats who. Theres a garbage patch in the pacific ocean twice the size of Texas for crying out loud! Real talk! Look it up, Jack! That’s our fault. Our plastic bottles and wrappers and widgets and whosits all made out of craptastic plastic that will never go away ever. It just goes on the next trash pile and leaks into the water and chokes the oceans of all purity and life. Big deal right?

We buy too much, we use too much, we need too much, we want too much and we ignore too much.

This planet we all share, this giant rock spinning us through existence is the only home we’ve got but we’re bleeding it dry and saturating it with toxins. We should be preserving our world as best we can by implementing sustainable practices into our lives. We should be nurturing this planet the way it has nurtured and sustained us throughout known history.

Lyndsey and I have a dream to share our story about going zero-waste to help show the world that we can ALL scale down our consumption and actually improve our lives. By simplifying our diet and lifestyle through buying in bulk, doing away with packages and wasteful practices, eating seasonally and locally and being more mindful of our impact on the world around us, we can achieve a new and improved perspective on life.