My Addiction Can Live On

I have been seriously addicted to ice cream since my steady self-sabotage in the fall. I took a break from my rigorous yoga schedule and just cut my exercise down to biking to work everyday. Around the same time, my addiction to ice cream was back in full swing. It is the best treat to indulge in right after I put the girls down to sleep at night and the house is quiet for a little before bed. This is Mama's vegan ice cream hour. Now, when we started this zero waste journey a couple weeks ago, I knew that I would soon have to quit ice cream since those containers are not recyclable... Ice cream containers, as well as other frozen food boxes, are often made out of a thick paperboard that is molded from paper pulp that is sprayed with a plastic polymer. While good for packaging food, this plastic can make recycling frozen food containers more difficult to recycle because it is impossible to remove the plastic from the paperboard. This means that paperboard that is used for refrigerated products is often recyclable, whereas those intended for the freezer are not. 


In comes Earnest Ice Cream.

My ice cream dreams have been answered. Just up the street from us is an ice cream shop that is commited to being ZERO WASTE! All their ice cream comes in glass jars that you can reuse or return to them for $1 for them to wash and reuse. They started off riding their ice cream around the city like the ice cream truck does, except they were doing it on a bike! They use all fresh and seasonal ingredients so their entire business is built on sustainability. I am so glad I found them! For the vegan folks out there, they have one vegan flavor a week in pints and a different one for scoops. Once they run of the pints though, that's it until the next week. I highly recommend getting there at open on Thursdays to make sure you get their freshest batch. I thought a bit of a positive blog might be a good idea since most of the things I am discovering in the journey are quite upsetting. Up next: TOXIC RECEIPTS (cue the doom and gloom music).