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Lunette Cup

The Lunette menstrual cup is the future of feminine protection. It's your user-friendly, safe, reusable, and eco-logical alternative to pads and tampons. Plus, using Lunette helps you rack up good karma points by protecting the environment and your purse strings offering peace of mind and a stress free cycle. You're all set with Lunette: just fold, insert like a tampon, and let it do its thing. Lunette collects fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy. You empty it rather than change it, wash it, and reuse it. You'll never run out of Lunette (unlike tampons) because it runs around with you: in a pretty, convenient pouch (in case you're early) or in you, during your cycle. Relax, with Lunette, you can lose the leaks, and live your life.

Not sure what size th choose...check out this guide:


Lighter flow? Model 1 might be for you.

Heavier flow? Give Model 2 a go!


For teens and young users, the smaller Model 1 makes for easier ins and outs.


For those people who have given birth out there, you can use the Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 1 or 2. Pregnancy changes a few things down there, so firstly take into account your new cervix position (if it's low use a Model 1), and secondly your new flow volume post childbirth.  


If you have a low-sitting cervix, try the shorter Model 1 for a better fit.


If you're a fitness goddess with strong vaginal muscles, consider using Model 1.


Sensitive bladder? The softer Model 1 might be a match made in heaven for you.



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