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Cleaning Essentials

These durable, refillable 16 oz. Cobalt Blue or Amber glass sprayer bottles make it easy to replace wasteful store-bought chemical cleaners with all-natural, non-toxic homemade cleaners you make yourself at home. Simply choose a recipe, add ingredients to the fill lines on the bottle, shake, and you are ready to clean! Every time you mix up a batch of cleaner, you not only eliminate the waste of a plastic bottle you also avoid the shipping and production costs associated with that bottle and reduce your family's exposure to toxic chemicals!

Cobalt Spray Bottle Recipes:

  • Heavy Duty cleaner
  • All Purpose cleaner
  • Veggie Wash
  • Granite Countertop cleaner
  • Glass cleaner

Amber Spray Bottle: Recipes:

  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Tile & Wood cleaner

Wipes Jar - This durable glass jar features three recipes for gentle, all-purpose, and heavy-duty homemade cleaning wipes. These recipes are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients found in your home.

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