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Bamboo Terry Washcloths - 12 pack

These versatile towels are great for sensitive skin and anything needing a delicate touch. Use as handkerchiefs, face cloths, hand towels, and baby wipes! They make great washcloths and are essential to any green baby shower list or charming, zero-waste bathroom decor. These wipes are a single layer of Double Loop French Terry. Double loop terry has small loops on both sides of the fabric and is ultra-soft, super absorbent, and fast drying. It is a mix of 70% Organic Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, and 2% Polyester stitching that holds the loops in place. Bamboo fabrics are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static, and hypo-allergenic. These qualities help to prevent odors, allergy symptoms, and skin irritations.

Each towel measures approximately 8" x 10" and will shrink slightly with washing.

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