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Face Cloths

Reusable face cloths are great for removing makeup, cleaning your face or applying toner. They are super soft and will help you reduce waste in your routine! All are hand-made and vary in design. 

* Rounds (Large 3.5" diameter or Small 3" diameter) - Organic natural cotton, or cotton prints. (Set of 8)

* Rectangles (5" x 6") - Mod design cotton flannel Varied patterns or Natural colored cotton (Set of 8) Please specify your preference.

* Single Square (4.5")- Design on one side, black terry on other side. Varied patterns (Single cloth)

* Hemp Sherpa Rounds (3" diameter) - Organic Hemp sherpa rounds, so soft! (Set of 12)

All of these cloths will be perfect when you use this wonderful Face Wash blend too!

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