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Leaf Shave Razors

Leaf Shave Razor: Meet our version of the modern razor—with a built-in pivoting head and up to three blades for a better, more sustainable shave every time. The Leaf Razor - ships with 10 Leaf-brand single edge safety razor blades. A perfectly balanced design that’s made to last, rinses clean easily, and looks great on your countertop. A spring-loaded pivoting head sets The Leaf apart from every other safety razor. It hugs all your curves without all the waste. Load all three blades for the closest shave possible. For sensitive skin or areas, load only one blade in the top position, or two in the top and middle positions.

Leaf Stand: click here to purchase.

Twig Shave Razor: Meet our version of a classic safety razor—with a single-blade, fixed-head design. The Twig is specifically designed to be easy to use and gentle on your skin, and it delivers a smooth shave that’s better for the environment. The Twig Razor - ships with 5 single edge safety razor blades.

Twig Stand: Click here to purchase.

Leaf & Twig Blade Refill Pack: 50 single-edge (half-DE) blades. Made using cold-forged Swedish steel, with a platinum coating to stay sharper longer. Click here to purchase.


** Finish notes: Rose Gold will be prone to patina, Black is soft and may show wear or chip cosmetically over time with casual use.

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