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Reusable Bulk Bags - WowE Mesh

These bags are perfect for all your bulk shopping needs and are great to consolidate fruits and veggies while at the store. Organic cotton will always be better for you and the planet than plastic bags. Make the switch with these bags from WowE!

Set of 6 (2 of each size) OR

3 individual sizes available:Small: 8"x12", Medium: 12"x13", Large: 12"x17"

Certified Organic
Tare weight printed on each label
Washable (some shrinkage may occur)
Tight woven mesh (organic)

Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels, which means it takes 12 million barrels of oil to create 100 billion plastic bags Americans use every year.  These plastic bags make it into the landfills leaking toxins into the ground. A lot of the bags also make it to the ocean killing off over 100,000 marine animals per year.  Every plastic bag we can keep from entering the environment makes a difference!

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