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Shave Stand

These stands are great for holding and organizing your shaving products. Each style is unique and will hold your shaving brush and razor.

The all metal style: The chrome stand with etched chevron/triangle design is beautiful, as well as functional. It has a nicely weighted base for stability and a foam bottom so it doesn't slip or scratch your counter-top. Please use these specifications for sizing. Total height: 5.5",Razor opening: .47", Brush opening: 1.1"

The wood and metal style: This stand is suitable for almost all razors. It is made from oiled beechwood and stainless steel. It has tiny rubber feet to avoid scratching your counter-top. Measures approximately 3.75" tall x 4" deep x 2" wide.

Pick your favorite!

And if you need a new Brush or Razor we have them!

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