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Tea Infuser

Clamp - Works with most loose leaf tea leaves, and is also great for herbs and spices. The long stainless steel spring action handle provides easy retrieval- just squeeze the handle and the infuser slides open. Accommodates most cups and mugs. Available in 2 sizes: *Small Size: 1.75" D x 6.25" L and *Large Size: 2.25" D X 7" L 

Chain - This Tea Basket is a perfect reusable tea infuser with a hinged top that opens fully for easy loading and cleaning. Use it with your jar, cup or other container at home and on-the-go. Size: 2" D

Strainer with Handle - This fine mesh stainless steel strainer is used to filter out loose tea leaves as the tea is poured through it. Size: 2.75" D x 7.875" L 


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