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Tushy Bidet

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Wiping your bum with dry toilet paper is SO 19th century.

American toilet habits haven't changed since the 1800's. It's time for a major culture shift. The rest of the world agrees.

Americans spend more on toilet paper than any other country. The annual cost of our over-reliance on TP? 437 billion gallons of water (to press the paper down), 253,000 tons of bleach, and 15 million trees. And wet wipes are actually worse.

The Tushy bidet attachment washes your bum with a refreshing stream of clean water after you poop.

Includes everything for an easy install in under 10 minutes, Requires NO electricity or plumbing, and has a Self-cleaning nozzle.

One Tushy for you = One clean toilet for a family.

Each Tushy bidet purchase provides a family with one-month of access to clean community toilets built by Samagra in rural India.

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