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Unpaper Towels

Juniperseed Set of 12: Organic, unbleached birdseye cotton fabric has been carefully cut and serged around the edges to create sets of 12. The fabric is pre-washed, measuring 5" x 8". With repeated laundering, they will shrink a bit and washing without fabric softener will keep them at their maximum absorbency. With each subsequent wash, the fabric will get softer and more absorbent. 

12 Count with Snaps: These Un-paper towels are made with soft absorbent black flannel! They can be used as napkins, place-mats, bibs, superhero capes, or a non slip oven handle towel and they're great for wiping little ones faces! They attach to one another with plastic snaps, and fasten to a plastic roll that fits on most paper towel holders! 12 sheets come on a roll. Each sheet is double sided with serged edges for durability and a more professional look. An X is sewn in to keep the two fabrics from separating in the wash. These towels measure approximately 12" long x 10" wide. The plastic adapter is approximately 9.5" in length.


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